Kim Perseghin

Kim Perseghin is a multi-instrumental composer and singer in Washington DC. In addition to her performances in the metropolitan DC area, Kim performs in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. She has played venues such as the Black Fox Lounge on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC and is branching out down south, into Tennessee. Kim is currently working on her third album with the intention of touring internationally, both of which will feature both her guitar and keyboard music.

Perseghin performs a balanced blend of listener favorites and original songs.  Her diverse sound ranges from classic acoustic pop to modern alt country. Listeners describe her guitar sound as relaxed, smoky, acoustic rock as Kim integrates jazz chords and interesting chord structures throughout her music. "Kim's music has a sound and a feel that cuts right through the nonsense. Her lyrics come straight from the heart. Her sound is honest. Kim has a feel that listeners can connect with in any state of mind."

Kim's CD, "Sunrise" © 2011, presents some of  Kim's originals on guitar.  Her first CD, "Minor Arpeggio" © 2009, highlights some of her original piano music which is based on classical and jazz piano structures. "Minor Arpeggio" has been featured on several radio stations, including 107.2 fm in Barcelona, Spain and is available on itunes for purchase.

Kim's Press

"Kim's music is full, complex yet accessible, and played with confidence."
- Kathy Parsons,

"Only the talent of Kim can waltz into the cornerstones of ecstasy so gracefully with her exciting and beautiful music...she presents moonbeams and then permits you to glide across the universe, observing the nature of creation along the way...she does more than play cover with her guitar and piano/keyboards, she explores music...thanks for the journey Kim"
- Rick Harris, host of Veneration Radio

"Kim's style dwells within the boundaries of a special place, where accolades aren't important...just the memories of going there."
- Rick Harris, host of Veneration Radio

"Kim's music is steeped in romance. Her arpeggios are broken chords that speak to every broken heart longing to embrace an elusive dream. In all my years of publishing, I have never been moved by word or note as profoundly as Kim's music moves me. It melts all barriers and turns me into something liquid."
- Richard M. Crum, The Editorial Annex

"Kim's songs are melancholy and poignant, soothing yet provocative. They are timeless, as though they could be centuries old, and written by one of the masters, yet original. Each song is a dose of beauty."
- Ron Goad, SAW Board of Directors, SAW Showcase

"Kim can transform a mere piano into a quiet symphony."
- Todd Walker, Vice President of Frederick Acoustic Musical Enterprise

Kim's Music